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International Association for the Study of Pain
What is the cost for an exhibit booth? 
For floor space only, the cost is $5,000 US. For Turnkey Booths, the cost is $1,000 per 9 sqm (per 100 ft).  The turnkey booths include the booth frame with hard shell scheme wall and sides, basic spot lighting, standard electricity connection and usage, identification signage with standardized lettering, black/white artwork only and a standard table and two standard chairs. 

How many exhibitor badges do I receive with my booth? 
Exhibitors receive two exhibitor badges per 9 sqm booth (one full conference registration and one exhibitor only badge). Additional badges can be purchased for $300 US.  

When will the exhibitor technical manual be ready? 
The exhibitor technical manual will be ready in Spring 2023. This will include technical details about the venue, final exhibition details and information, contractor details, and services available to exhibitors and order forms.

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